Screw Conveyor


Cold Tension Hacks are used for transporting products. Transport spiral can also be tried. Tension helixes are sold without a shaft. Right and left direction. From the following tables you can see the diameter of the product, the pitch, the diameter of the pipe passing through, the thickness and the weight of 1 meter. Special production can be made according to given measurements, thicker screws are specially made for more demanding conditions. Tension helixes are manufactured according to 2 different rotation shapes, right and left. If you keep your finger at the starting position and follow the spiral, if your hand is constantly turning to the right, if the right helix is ​​always turning to the left, it will be left heel. Despite the fact that the diameter is generally the same as the pitch, diameter and pitch are available in different spiral manufacturing. If the helices are not a very special measure, they can usually pass inside, which is especially advantageous during transportation. Standard and some special metrics, especially thick coils and chrome helions are in our stocks constantly.

Information we want from our customers when ordering:

Diameter information A) ……….

Hatvesi B) …………..

C) What is your middle mile?

Right turn? Left turn? D) ………..

Thickness? ……….